TENs machine for labour

A TENS machine for labour is a safe, effective, drug free pain relief used widely during childbirth..but don’t just take my word for it, here is what other people have said…

“I couldn’t have got through my labour without my TENS machine, I took it off to go into the birth pool and I instantly required gas and air. The pool slowed down my contractions and I wish I had just continued to use the TENS machine.”

“I got from 4cm to fully and pushing with the TENS machine alone”

“I used one from early on in my first labour, I got to 9cm using just that and one paracetamol! It helped me focus by pressing the button at the start of a contraction and just after.”

“Loved mine first time round, good distraction and I felt like I was in control.”

“I used mine from the start of labour. I found it was a good distraction and something else to concentrate on.”

Whats in the box….

The machine consists of a battery powered hand held controller, connected by leads to four large flat sticky pads. The machine sends small, safe, pulses of electrical current to your skin giving you a tingling or buzzing sensation. You also have a boost button which you press when you sense each contraction.

TENS machine for labour

The TENS machine for labour helps in a few ways:

-Electrical pulses prevent pain signals from reaching your brain.
-Pulses stimulate your body to release endorphins (happy hormones).
-It helps you to feel in control and therefore less anxious.
-It offers distraction from your contractions.

New research conducted in Australia found that TENS produces a significant decrease in pain during labour, and postpones the need for pain relief, without affecting your baby.

How to use the machine TENS machine for labour…

It is best to start using your TENS machine early in labour. Get your birth partner to place the pads on your back for you- following the instructions that come with the machine. Moving around during labour helps to make the TENS more effective. Do not give up immediately if you don’t feel anything happening, in some cases it can take up to an hour for you to feel the effects.

When should you not use the TENS for labour?

-In water e.g. shower or birth pool
-If you have epilepsy
-On broken skin
-If you have a pacemaker or heart rhythm condition
-If you are not sure if you are in labour

TENS Machine Hire from Fit Bump sand Mums is recommended from 37-42 weeks and costs £20. We use the Neurotrac Labour TENS which is the best on the market.
This includes a brand new set of single patient use electrodes and a spare battery.

Contact us via the online form, 07738224861 or email info@fitbumpsandmums.co.uk to book, stating the date that you are 37 weeks.