FitBumps Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Full Body Massage £70 (1 hour of massage)

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a healthy way to reduce stress and in turn will promote overall wellness.

The Fit Bumps and Mums massage can help to relieve back-ache, stiff necks, leg cramps, head aches and swelling, which many women experience during and post-pregnancy.

The 1 hour massage can be tailored to your specific needs (state these when booking), but in general will start with you sitting on a saddle stool with your upper body resting comfortably onto the treatment couch with plenty of pillows. In this position your whole back can be accessed for a thoroughly relaxing back and neck massage.

You will then be positioned in a semi-reclined position and the Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm is left to work its magic while you have your legs massaged and feet soothed a delicious Neals Yard cream.

The emphasis will then move to yours arms and hands, before the gentle application of Neals Yard Mothers Balm, proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, to your bump.

Finally you will drift off with a deeply relaxing scalp massage. I allow time either side of your appointment and 60 minutes for the actual massage (providing you are not late!). 

Fit Bumps and Mums Total Relaxation £60 (45 minutes)

Suitable both pre and postnatally, this totally luxurious treat combines a neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage with an unwinding hand and foot massage.

A gentle application of the divine Wild Rose facial mask is allowed to take full effect for the duration of the treatment whilst a light almond oil is use to massage the upper body. Following this you will enjoy a deeply relaxing massage of your hands and feet, which are left cocooned in a geranium and orange cream.