Postnatal MOT

Unfortunately I hear time and time again that Mum’s are dissatisfied with their postnatal “check up”, which to many has been little more than “What contraception are you using now?”.

I appreciate that GP’s are already stretched beyond their means, but new Mum’s have enough to worry about; having unanswered questions about their physical health and what their bodies are capable of, does not help.

Why do it:

The Postnatal MOT is recommended for all Mum’s from 6 weeks postpartum.

Most women, after having a baby, have weakness in either their abdominals or pelvic floor, which creates decreased core strength and instability. This can lead to back and pelvic pain, as well as bladder and bowel weakness. A full assessment and rehab programme will help the pelvic floor and abdominals to recover, regain strength and reduce the risk of long term problems.

Postnatal MOT
The 60 minute ultimate postnatal MOT is what we would recommend for every woman post birth, it tests the muscles of your pelvic floor and abdomen, as well as any physical problems arising from birth, and provides a safe optimal postnatal recovery plan design specifically for you.

Laura is always happy to have a chat if you are unsure whether a Postnatal MOT is for you. For any questions, or to book, call 07738224861 or use the contact form HERE