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  • I have been going to Laura’s pregnancy Pilates class since January and it is fantastic. It always feels like a good workout that’s perfectly suited to pregnancy. Throughout the last trimester I have also been quietly suffering from sleepless nights due to achy hips. When I voiced my troubles to Laura, she said that a physiotherapy session would fix it. After some deep tissue massage and follow up exercises I am cured! Laura is a great physiotherapist with an excellent knowledge of the physiological changes during pregnancy. I highly recommend both her classes and physiotherapy sessions.

    Pregnancy Pilates and Physiotherapy
  • I went to Fit bumps and mums for some women’s health physio after having my 3 children. Laura gave invaluable advice and she explained the physiological side of things in a way that I understood. I would highly recommend Fit bumps and mums as a Woman’s Health Physio.

    Pelvic Floor Assessment and Treatment
  • Finally someone who could help! After having my son 4 months ago and still having problems with split stomach muscles I was struggling to find anyone who could give me advice. Laura’s friendly and professional and explained exactly what was going on and gave me all the exercises I need to get me back to normal. I took my son with me as he’s breastfed and constantly hungry and she made it so easy to have him with me. Thank you!

    Abdominal Separation
  • LI’ve been so impressed with how Laura has helped to identify the source of my PGP discomfort after birth when I struggled to identify it myself! She has put together a series of strengthening exercises for me to do at home to complement the work she is doing during my appointments. As a mum herself she really understood my frustration at the situation as it is preventing me from being as active as I would like to be. The studio was fantastic and Laura was generous with both time and information. I feel confident that I will soon feel much stronger and less affected by PGP. Thanks Laura.

  • I found Laura on Facebook and booked a massage for when I was on maternity leave and was 38 weeks pregnant for a very much needed treat!!!

    The building where Laura works from is large and airy, everything is fresh with  white colouring along side hearing the soft relaxing music in the back ground this was all to add to the already calm atmosphere that Laura projects.

    Having regularly had various beauty treatments for myself pre pregnancy such as manicure, pedicures and massages I was used to the ‘pampering experience’ and I was obviously going to compare Laura’s work to others. Being  sooooo pregnant was uncomfortable in general however Laura’s set up (being able to sit on stool and lay top of body over massage table covered in pillows for part of it) and help made me feel like I was ‘walking on air’ and I can only describe the massage as ‘simply amazing’, so much so I left her wondering if she will allow me to book post pregnancy with no bump?!?

    The week after my first massage I booked Laura again and had another  ‘simply amazing massage’ at  41 weeks pregnant and again left feeling like I was ‘walking on air’ and those who have been at this stage of pregnancy would understand that feeling so good and totally relaxed is near impossible ( or so it feels ) this massage saved me from feeling like that everyday!

    Best massage ever in my opinion! Thank you Laura.

    Pregnancy Massage
  • An absolutely fantastic class! Perfect mixture of exercises that have left me feeling tired but proud of myself. It was great to work out with other mums and of course to have my baby there to cheer me on! And Laura is an amazing instructor and physio! Can’t wait for the next session.

    Postnatal Fitness and Rehab Class s