FitMums Babywearing Fitness


Are you a new mum wanting to get fit and have fun whilst doing it?

Want to elevate your mood, increase your energy levels and connect with your baby?

FitMums Babywearing Fitness is a session in which your little one attends with you in a baby carrier/sling… or not! You can ‘wear’ the full class, some, or none; if you do not want to babywear, but are looking for a postnatal class, then this is the perfect one for you!
This class is led by pre and postnatal specialist Physio Laura Cullen. If focuses on focusing on abdominal strengthening, toning & pelvic floor restoration. It encourages bonding with your little one, improving mental health as well as your physical.
The sessions will be run in a semi-structured format whereby you can participate at your own pace, with each exercise being altered to suit your requirements with postnatal fitness and babywearing safety at the forefront of the classes design.
All fitness equipment will be provided including weights and resistance bands, enabling you to modify the class intensity to suit.
You can stop at any time to tend to your little ones, and jump back in when you are ready. Toys, mats, etc will be provided in class next to you, as well as one or two baby carriers for use during the class if you don’t have your own.
After class, its time to socialise, we welcome you to stick around for a drink/biscuit and a chat!