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This week I have had an influx of massages which got me thinking about how much I love the products I use; I thought I would share my thoughts with you on the Natalia and Vital Touch range.


Katie Whitehouse, the founding director of Natalia, by Vital Touch, is a massage therapist, aromatherapist and reflexologist and has specialised in massaging pregnant women many for years. She decided to start her own range of products because she “firmly believes that pregnancy is a time when really well blended aromatherapy and base oils can be most valuable in terms of relaxation, skincare, stretch marks, tired legs and muscle relaxation”.

The gorgeous products, which I use for all of the Fit Bumps and Mums treatments, are 100% naturally derived and use 97-100% organic ingredients. While the company does its utmost to source the ingredients ethically and the packaging is made from responsibly sourced, or recycled materials, which are all 100% recyclable.

I will be honest, prior to having children I would recycle, if I could be bothered, but other than that I didn't think much about the use of pesticides and additives, or how much of a carbon footprint the product that I was purchasing had created. Having children has opened my eyes to the world in which we live in, the world I am bringing them up in, and eventually, the world I will be leaving them in.. hopefully to bringing up their children. I am certainly no member of greenpeace, but I do feel if we continue with our “throw away” attitude, the world is not going to be pleasant for our future generations.

Pregnancy and motherhood has also made me consider what I put on and in my own body, as well as my children's. How many ingredients can you count on the back of a packet these days..!
This is why I do not use cheap products for my massages, I use quality. I would not put onto someone else a product which I would not be prepared to put onto my own.

The Fit Bumps and Mums full body massage uses 5 products from the vital touch range. I have listed them below, along with their ingredients and qualities. You can also buy all of these yourself from the Vital Touch website.

For the main body of the massage you have a choice between 3 luxurious oils each with a beautiful blend of fragrances, while a few drops of the pure oil in the oil burner fills the room with a relaxing aroma.

-Pure Inspiration, blended from rosemary, eucalyptus, frankincense and basil essential oils to aid mental clarity and clear breathing.

-Pure Detox, a perfect blend of lemon, grapefruit, juniperberry and cypress to clean and clear the mind.

-Pure Tranquility, with essential oils of sweet orange, lavender, roman chamomile and geranium.





The Leg Refresher, applied to your legs after they have been massaged, gives instant refreshment and relief to tired, aching legs and feet (so common during pregnancy); Aloe Vera is deliciously refreshing, cooling and soothing and the essential oil blend of Cypress, Lemon and Geranium is astringent and helps circulation.


Your bump can enjoy a gentle application of anti-stretch oil which helps protect and boost your skins collagen cells through pregnancy, containing a rich blend of deeply absorbed oils chosen specifically for their penetrating ability into the dermis and the source of stretchmarks. Sweet Almond is light and silky, Avocado oil is high in Omegas 6; which aid in skin repair, Rosehip Seed helps prevent cellular damage and Centella oil is used in the healing of broken tissue and scar prevention.


Finally the massage to your face and scalp, with a light Almond oil with rose, will send you into deep relaxation. The gorgeous blend is both nourishing and restoring. Rose has a gentle and sweet aroma, soothes and cools. Helping with tension and anxiety, Rose helps to restore a sense of well being. It is wonderfully hydrating and moisturising for dry, mature or inflamed skin.

P.S. This blog has not been endorsed by Vital Touch- it is just my honest thoughts and feelings about a product range which I adore!!!

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