Pregnant with a toddler!

Your first pregnancy was so precious, you knew exactly how far along you were (to the day, hour and minute), you came home from work and could put your feet up, in the evening you could enjoy a long hot soak in the bath (alone) and at the weekends you could spend the whole day relaxing on the sofa if you wished.

Subsequent pregnancies are unlikely to be so enjoyable. When people ask how far along you are you reply “I’m not sure, 28 weeks I think”...as long as your midwife knows that's OK! You may get a bath...but it will be warm (not too hot for your toddler), filled with bath toys and shared with a splashing monster. While “feet up” and “relax” are things that occur very very rarely.

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The chance of suffering pregnancy aches and pains is likely to increase with subsequent pregnancies. My feeling is that this is due to a number of factors...
-If you are pregnant with a toddler your body may still be recovering from your first.
-The time you have to exercise and attend pregnancy yoga/pilates etc has reduced.
-You spend a high proportion of your day carrying, running around after and generally caring for your 2 stone toddler.
-There is no such thing as rest.



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How to balance being pregnant with a toddler..

Get help! Don’t be shy about accepting help from your family and friends, and if no one volunteers, ASK! As a Mum you get used to doing everything yourself but it’s important not to be too proud. Get a friend to babysit so you can have a rest or offload your ironing to your mother in law!
Stick to a routine. Having a bit of idea what you are going to do each day throughout the week can be comforting for both of you. Try to combine some time out of the house with some quiet time in so you can rest a little.
Prepare. Get your other half to help you the night before- get their clothes out and pack the bag ready, this should reduce the stress on you for the following day.
Exercise! While its probably the last thing you feel like doing, fitting some moderate exercise into your day will boost both your energy and your mood. A simple walk with your toddler in their pushchair will do you the world of good. Our Fit Bumps Pregnancy Pilates class is perfect way to unwind after a day running around after a pint sized person, the classes run at both 6pm and 7.35pm so chance to get your little one tucked up before you leave. You could also try a yoga class that you can both enjoy- Amy Jones run’s classes in Cornwall which you can take your toddler to (www.amy-yoga.com).

And finally remind yourself, you won’t be pregnant forever! You have done 9 months before, you can do it again! I really miss it and get total bump envy whenever I see pregnant ladies!

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