Fit For Fertility

If you are thinking about trying for a baby, or are trying to conceive at the moment, then this is the perfect session for you.

The 60-90 minute initial consultation includes a thorough discussion of your medical history and detail of your life and health, a full body analysis including weight, body fat and posture. Plus a Physiotherapy assessment of your spine, pelvis and viscera.


Physiotherapy aims:

-To promote health and fitness, exercise tolerance, coordination, strength and stamina.
-To encourage alternative ways of controlling stress levels, by exercise, relaxation and lifestyle adjustment.
-To maintain joint mobility strength, endurance and treat any neuromuscular problems that may be associated.

Physiotherapy treatment will include:
-Acupuncture is encouraged at every treatment session with specific points being chosen for each client.
-Manual therapy for correction of pelvic asymmetry.
-Release of trigger points around and within the pelvis.
-Manual lymphatic drainage of the pelvis and pelvic organs.
-Visceral manipulation techniques to treat restrictions.
-A personal self help plan of lifestyle, diet and exercise advice.

Ideally treatment should be repeated once or twice weekly until visceral restrictions are resolved, the pelvis is symmetrical and lymph is flowing normally.

In 2015 Rice et al. conducted a retrospective review to examine the rates of successful treatment of infertile women, using a protocol of manual physical therapy, to address underlying adhesive disease leading to infertility. The study found that of the 1392 infertile women, between 2002 and 2011, there was a 56% success rate for women with blocked fallopian tubes, 42% with endometriosis, 39% for women with elevated FSH and 53% for those with PCOS.
The conclusion being that manual physical therapy is an effective, conservative treatment for women diagnosed as infertile and theorised that conception could be as a result of deforming adhesions in the body, thus allowing increased mobility, mobility and function of the structures involved in fertility.

Initial appointments are £60 (£40 for the first 2 women to sign up)
Follow ups are £30-40 (depending on what treatment is required- this will be outlined after the initial assessment, and length of treatment will be approximately gauged)


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