4 reasons to see a Physiotherapist before buying a maternity support belt.

Maternity or Sacroiliac Joint Belts, their more technical name, can be a useful adjunct to the treatment of pre and postnatal pelvic girdle pain.

I often treat women who say they already have a belt, only to find out that the belt they have is worn around their bump or so flimsy that a body con dress would offer more support!! So here are my top 4 reasons to see Fit Bumps and Mums before buying a belt.

Reason 1: Seeing a Physiotherapist prior to purchasing a belt can save you a lot of money, most belts retail at £30-£40. Not all bumps with pelvic girdle pain require a belt and not all belts work in the same way. Therefore a therapist can guide you in the right direction and make sure you are not wasting your pennies.

Reason 2: Once the belt is purchased the next hurdle is wearing it in the correct way. Most of my bumps are surprised at actually how low the belt needs to be worn to get the correct benefit from it. If compression is required at the pubic symphysis the belt should be worn just above the greater trochanters (the boney bit at the top of either leg) while those who need compression at the SIJ should wear the belt a little higher, just below the ASIS (the 2 boney bits at the front of your hips).

Reason 3: As with any level of support, caution must be taken to avoid making the problem worse by causing laziness and therefore weakness. SIJ belts work perfectly when used along side guided rehabilitation and, where necessary, manual therapy.


Reason 4: Ideally the belt will be a short term solution, and therefore eventually you will need to wean from it. This is another opportunity where a Physio should assist you. Initially the belt should be worn whenever you are vertical (i.e. standing, walking). However as pain free function returns you should reduce the amount of compression, by loosening the tensions on the straps. Finally removing the belt altogether for short periods of time (begin with 30 minutes), until eventually the need for external support is eliminated.

An assessment with Fit Bumps and Mums can ensure you get the most out of your belt, Laura also has a variety of types and sizes of belt in the clinic so you can even try before you buy. Contact Laura to book an appointment now.

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