How I faced the challenges of post pregnancy exercise.

When I gave birth to Alfie 29.10.2013 I hadn’t weighed for a while, but I reckon I was over 11 stone, and had put on around 2 and ¼ stones.

I had images of the weight falling off as I walked miles with Alfie in his sling or pushchair, I did not consider that he would be born at the end of October….the beginning of winter! Nor did I consider that my body would not be up to walking much further than the boating lake (let alone my usual level of exercise). This is a picture of me a few weeks after having Alfie.


As a normally fairly fit individual with a BMI of around 21/22, I struggled with my new body image.

Gradually through November and December I did manage to get out walking, although not with the sling at first as my body wasn’t ready, but on the flat with the pushchair and then progressed to more undulating walks. After about 6 weeks I felt ready for a little jog so set off for about a mile (flat) which took me a lot longer than usual, but I managed it and I felt great! Alongside the jogging I did some Pilates and surprisingly my fitness returned quite quickly.

Luckily my husband is very much into his fitness and was great encouragement for me; together we set up circuits at home using a box, weights, theraband etc. By the end of January I would say I was quite fit and back to my pre baby fitness/weight. However I did not stop at this, I wanted to get myself fitter.

When my husband joined a gym that year I thought I would try the classes out. I have no motivation for the gym without Sam, and obviously with Alfie we couldn't go together any more! I get very nervous doing things for the first time, but luckily I found the strength from somewhere to give it a go, and I loved it! The ache the following day from the exercise was SO satisfying.

The week I joined started the class, was a real turning point for me, leaving Alfie is always hard but I felt that I regained a part of my old life while still having my new one. A month after joining the gym we went on our first family holiday and the second picture is one we took while away. Fitter and lighter than on our wedding day!

If you want to make a change join me, and many other Mums at our Postnatal fitness and rehabilitation class, where we will work together to achieve your goals. Whether you want to improve fitness, lose weight, increase strength or all 3, Fit Bumps and Mums will tailor the class exactly to your needs.


Our bodies will never be the same as pre-pregnancy, but I am so proud of what my body has achieved including the extra marks that I have to show for it! My gorgeous little boys are most definitely worth it and I would do it all again tomorrow!

Get fit not thin!

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