Today’s breakfast, made yesterday!

If like me, you run around in the morning like a headless chicken, sorting breakfast for your children (usually 2 types as the first one isn't right for some reason); whilst tidying the kitchen, preparing snacks, refereeing arguments and occasionally slurping a cold cup of coffee, then this breakfast is a winner for you!

I discovered this breakfast in Bali and it is not only the easiest thing ever, it is totally divine.


It is very versatile so if you don't like the ingredients I used then you can swap in whatever you prefer.

Place in a bowl (or if you are really fancy, an empty jam jar):
Dessicated Coconut
Chopped Apricots
Chia Seeds
and cover with Almond Milk
Leave over night and add fresh fruit just before you eat.

Alternatives- normal milk or coconut milk, berries, cranberries or other dried fruit, cacao nibs, yoghurt, or try adding granola on top for a crunch..the variations are endless.

I made this at 10pm last night after I returned from teaching pregnancy pilates, this morning it was perfect.

Another bonus for those of you breastfeeding is that oats are known to be awesome for boosting milk production! So what are you waiting for, get eating!

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