Bakewell Tart Nakd Bites

I love Nakd bars but at 75 pence per bar, a bar which I can consume in seconds, I cannot justify buying them regularly. I also love anything with Almond in, so when my husband came home with a new Bakewell Nakd bar I decided to try to make them myself so that I can have them a little more often!  

The ingredients on the packet mention nothing about cherries so I decided to replace the raisins with them. I also made them into balls rather than bars, I felt balls would be better for my post Pregnancy Pilates class treat and to be honest the bars looked like something you really wouldn't want to eat! Why not try them for yourself, they are VERY easy to make!

nakd bakewell

100g Dates
70g Cashews
30g Cherries (or Raisins)
A few drops of Almond Essence

These are gluten, wheat, diary and egg free. Obviously they contain nuts!

Whiz the nuts in a food processor until fine. (I didn't do this on my first batch and they nuts were slightly chunky in the balls- if you prefer this texture then you don't need to process the nuts first)

Add all other ingredients and whiz again.

Scoop our some mixture and roll into a ball. Place the balls on a plate and refrigerate for an hour before eating. Keep in the fridge. 

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