10 Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

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Many ladies will turn to Yoga during pregnancy but why?

Here are 10 reasons….


1. Connecting with baby

Practising yoga during pregnancy allows us to slow down and focus attention on what is going on within our bodies. Through working with our breath and doing each pose, you become more aware of what is going on within.

2. Increase in circulation

Circulation is enhanced within our joints and our muscles are elongated during practice. Upon circulation of the blood within our bodies, swelling is decreased and our immunity is enhanced, creating a healthy environment for a thriving baby.

3. Breathing

Breathing is an important tool for labor during contractions. If we are consciously breathing, our blood pressure and heart rate is regulated keeping us in relaxation mode.

4. Meeting Mamas

It can be very comforting to be with a group of women who are going through the same experiences at the same time.

5. Nurturing time

This time allows us to stop and slow down from our busy days. Through the practice of yoga, you are setting intention in taking care of not only yourself, but of your baby.

6. Develops stamina and strength

As baby grows within our body, more energy and strength is needed to be able to carry the weight. Yoga poses strengthen our hips, back, arms and shoulders.

7. Balance

Our balance is challenged physically as the fetus grows within our body and our centre of gravity moves forward. Focusing on holding each yoga pose we are able to fine tune our balance, physically and emotionally.

8. Relieves tension of lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders

As baby grows, more stress is put upon these specific muscle groups in our bodies. We tend to have more of a lower back curve due to the increased size of our bellies. As our breasts increase in size, our upper back and chest have more tension, along with our neck and shoulders.

9. Calms the nervous system

Through deep breathing and exercise we can calm our nervous system to allow us to relax. When our bodies are relaxed, we are likely to sleep better, and optimise our immune system.

10. Preparation for Labor

You are working with conscious breathing during each yoga pose, which may sometimes be challenging. This transfers into the time of labor, allowing one to practice being “comfortable with the uncomfortable” through our breath work. As you inhale, you acknowledge the tension that is felt. As you deeply exhale, you let go of it more and more with each breath.

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Thanks to Fit Pregnancy for lots of this info!


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