Fit Bumps Pregnancy Pilates

Tuesdays 5.50pm and Thursdays 6.30pm

‘Bump’s’ are encouraged to attend as early as possible in pregnancy as this class focuses on core stability, strength and overall fitness, therefore it’s an excellent way to help your body cope with the changes you’re undergoing and prepare it for the stresses to come. No experience necessary and all exercises are safe for all stages of pregnancy. Class Details

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Fit Bumps Pregnancy Yoga

7.30-8.45pm Mondays

A sacred time and place for you and your baby to bond with each other, to connect with other mums and to discover the beauty and benefit of a specialized yoga practice during pregnancy. No yoga experience is necessary and suitable through all stages of pregnancy. Class details.


Fit Mums Postnatal Fitness

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10.15 and 11.30am.

Suitable from 5/6 weeks postpartum this small group class focuses on the rehabilitation and fitness of each individual and includes assessments to track progress. Class Details